Yep Coin | A Multifaceted Payment Portal With Modern Technologies and Higher Security

Yep Coin | A Multifaceted Payment Portal With Modern Technologies and Higher Security

Yep Coin

Yep Coin is a multifaceted solution for a modern world, and this coin is ready to change the way people transact and connect financially. It provides a way to send and receive payments and enhances the user’s ability to buy stuff online with Yep Coin.

After making an account, there are a lot of things that will benefit the entire community, starting from the lucrative reward generation program. Streaming ahead with a global approach and phase-wise reward generation.

Yep Coin also expands the user’s ability to receive payments without any restrictions and limitations. It is a borderless payment system that nips the loopholes or lacks left over by other similar payment systems. And because it is a cryptocurrency, the users can also get staking rewards and generate ad revenue.

Rest assured that Yep Coin works under the ambit of a registered company in Estonia, Yep Corp, which is something not possessed by many other companies. Furthermore, the Spec Project Yep Coin has copyright issued by the federal authority.

Yep Me Link to Receive Payments

The Yep Coin founders are diverting from the traditional wallet address systems that are without a doubt, complex and meticulous. Here, the users are provided with a Yep Me link that acts as a gateway for transactions. The Yep Me link is a URL address that is shareable and highly secure for all the users to send and receive payments.

Yep Me gives the users the freedom to share the money receiving a link from any other user. However, the money transferred through the link will be in Yep Coin. Furthermore, there is no minimum limit to transfer the funds through the Yep Me link. Any smallest denomination possible can be shared.

Some of the use cases where the Yep Me link can work smoothly and facilitate hassle-free payments include royalties, crowdfunding, payments to authors, designers, and any other professional, auctions, advertisement payments, and product payments.

The best part is that the users can embed the link on the social media channels, messengers, and Whatsapp to share the link and receive payments through them. Also, the senders do not necessarily need a credit card to send the payments to the users. It can be done by any other method which seems appropriate for the sender.

Yep Coin has eliminated the need to build and maintain a website to sell products. Compared to the traditional methods for making a sale, the marketers used to run newspaper ads, which were replaced by TV adverts, Website ads, and then social media networking. But, with Yep Coin, even something as simple as the SMS service can help the users make the sale and even receive payment without any restrictions.

Staking and Advert Rewards with Yep Coin

There are two criteria for initiating the reward generation with Yep Coin. They are the amount of money any user holds in the wallet and the wallet status, active or inactive. For instance, a user with 1000 Yep Coin but an inactive wallet status will be replaced with a user that has 500 Yep Coin and an active wallet.

Furthermore, the reward generation depends on the disposition of the Yep Coin in the user’s wallet. The amount of rewards is directly proportional to the disposition rate. To start receiving the staking rewards, the user wallets must be left active for the entire day for a week. Due to this, leave active sequence, the user’s wallet becomes a chain link in the Yep network.

The user’s active wallet will automatically become a transaction validator and earn rewards for the solicitation provided. Every transaction validator receives 20% of the fees charged for said transaction.

In terms of staking, Yep Coin does not allow the companies to stake as of yet. At present, only individual users and solo sellers can stake.

For the advert rewards, the users can proffer the payment receiving page for different sorts of advertisements. The ads on display need approval before they are put on display.

Lastly, the users have another option to earn money, which is by operating a master node. To become a master node operator, the users need to have at least 20,000 Yep Coins in the wallet.

Yep Coin is merging a multitude of payment systems and integrating them on the platform to bring more stability and efficiency to the system. So, this is not just a payment gateway, but Yep Coin is a fully decentralized financial system working securely, quickly, and with 100% transparency. That is why the users can also conduct anonymous transactions via the platform without any traces.

Yep Coin Tokenomics

The Yep Coin works on the Quark algorithm with a ticker YEP and 70 million of the total supply. The Pre-mine phase worked with the Proof of Work concept, and post that, the algorithm works on Proof of Stake.

To buy the coin, users can visit Coingecko and Coinmarketcap or visit the Yep Store. The users can also shop for apparel products on the Yep Store and pay for them with Yep Coin or in pound sterling or USD.

Yep Coin is presented as an alternative to PayPal, and its global appeal is beginning to turn heads. It addresses all the issues and limitations leftover by PayPal or any other similar system.

To Sum it Up

A system that works on giving accessibility and better tools to the user can perform better than others. Yep Coin is solely focussing on giving the power of seamless transactions in the hands of its users.

From receiving an unlimited amount of money from anywhere in the world with nothing but a single link is liberalizing, innovative, and efficient. The users will be able to transfer money without any restrictions and with a relatively lower fee.