You Can Now Give Anonymously Using PENG Coin

You Can Now Give Anonymously Using PENG Coin

Peng coin

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Founded in 2018, PENG Coin is a cryptocurrency focused on making the world a better place and making difficult processes more sustainable and cost-effective.

The project’s sole purpose is to decentralize a charitable transaction. PENG Coin ensures donations go directly to actual causes rather than middlemen.

Leveraging blockchain technology, the PENG Coin project makes the transfer of funds from donors to victims safe, transparent and convenient. PENG Coin is a simpler, reward-based humanitarian support cryptocurrency powered by fast transaction speeds, privacy coin features, and low-to-zero fees.

This coin addresses some of the biggest problems in charitable donations such as delays in cross-border cash flow to needy areas, high transaction fees, and bloated administrative costs — through integrating key features including PoS, MasterNodes, and fast block times.

Unlike most crypto projects which are still struggling with a working system and are currently only making promises behind their computers, the team behind PENG Coin are already out there on the field making things happen.


The project has been able to register some charity organizations under it. The PENG Coin team has been working hand in hand with these charities to provide aids to those in need of it. Over time the project plans to increase the number of charities registered under it and also hopefully operate globally.

The following charities are the listed partners of PENG Coin:

  • The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA): The charity was established in 1958 when the government at the time discontinued the national school feeding program.
  • Magda’s Soup Kitchen:
    A charity which consists of two soup kitchens, feeding over 2000 people in Pedro Street and Beukes Street every week.
  • The Saartjie Baartman Center for Women and Children (SBCWC): a one-stop center for women and children

A Privacy Focused Business Friendly Blockchain

In its bid to provide enterprise blockchain services, the PENG Coin project has evolved into a privacy-focused smart contract platform that is business friendly, catering exclusively to the need of investors in the fields of technology and information.

Believing strongly in its Smart Contract technology, the project’s team made it known that it provides an enabling environment for smart contracts that is fully functional, standardized, stable and safe. As a result, the platform help fosters smart contract coding, deploying and executing that are investor-friendly.

To attract more investors and clients for its enterprise blockchain services, the PENG Coin blockchain has undergone some serious developmental improvement. These improvements resulted in the platform becoming a high-performance one which efficiently compartmentalizes different tasks; uses faster consensus protocols; executes itself in optimized environments; uses asynchronous flows; and utilizes parallelization.

In terms of sustainability and durability, the Peng Coin chain has proven itself times without number. It is a highly resilient platform, able to bounce back from downtime and potential failure scenarios. Since the PENG Coin platform is a private and secure one, all important members are carefully vetted before they are allowed to enter the ecosystem.

Where to trade the coin

For those interested in making donations to any of the PENG Coin partner charities, and you are not yet sure about how to get hold of some PENG coin, all you simply need to do is to locate a Peng coin supported exchange and exchange your BTC or any other supported cross to PENG.

Below are exchanges where you can trade the PENG coin:

  • STEX
  • CREX24

The PENG Coin is currently undervalued, a fact which is evident considering the amount of progress the platform has made despite the ranging bear market. The PENG community is also one of the most active crypto community out there, which clearly means the team behind the project is still working hard to make the world a better place. All these are a clear indication that the time to join the project is now.