BUSD Kitties | A Token System With High Redistribution Rewards Stabilized

BUSD Kitties | A Token System With High Redistribution Rewards Stabilized

BUSD Kitties

Aug 14, 2021 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) — Milan, Italy, BUSD Kitties filled a 250 BNB hard cap in under one minute during the pre-sale launch. A token that provides the largest redistribution share to the holders, BUSD Kitties, will bring benefits to the early token holders and those with a long-term investment plan.

BUSD Kitties is a community-driven token that aims to reward users and holders via an incentivized tokenomics system. It features an anti-whale protection system that limits the transaction amount that can be traded on the platform and works on the lines of a decentralized system.

Big Redistribution Rewards

BUSD Kitties ensures a stable passive income in the wake of price volatility in the crypto space. The token holders will be given a redistribution reward for every buy and sell transaction. To further increase the price, 24% of the tokens will undergo an initial burn, and 20% will be locked, leaving lesser tradable tokens leading to a price increase.

As for the redistribution, every buy transaction will attract a 15% fee. Out of this 15%, 12% will go to the token holders, and 3% is sent to the liquidity pool. For every sell transaction, the redistribution and liquidity share increases by 1.5% each. This means, after a successful transaction, the token holders will receive 13.5% of the share, and 4.5% will be sent to the liquidity pool.

The motive of redistribution and collecting tokens in the liquidity pool is to reward the holders and facilitate token buybacks when required.

New Booster Game and Rewards Calculator Instantly

BUSD Kitties has launched a booster game wherein the participants will get an opportunity to become the temporary owner of the airdrop wallet. The airdrop wallet comprises 3% of the total supply.

Until a new owner stakes the claim, all the reflections in the airdrop wallet will be transferred to the owner’s wallet temporarily. Participants must have at least 0.5 BNB to become a part of the Booster Reward.

While buying on the platform, there is an additional 1% fee that will be redirected to buy back wallet to purchase BUSDK every week.

Another development that users can look forward to comes in the form of a rewards calculator. Being a reward-oriented platform, BUSD Kitties is making it easier for the community to track and calculate their rewards.

For checking the rewards, the users have to copy the calculator link and paste in the dApps and paste the wallet address here. With this, the accumulated rewards will start showing on the calculator dashboard.

About BUSD Kitties

BUSD Kitties has one of the highest redistribution rewards for its token holders. The users holding tokens in the wallet will get rewarded after each buys and sells transaction. Working as a deflationary token system, BUSD Kitties is a user-friendly and community-driven platform. Its new Rewards Booster Game and Rewards calculator adds to the platform’s utility and ability to bring higher benefits to the community. The buyback plus burning system ensures a gradual increase in the same. Going forward, BUSD Kitties has plans to launch an NFT and Coupon marketplace for promoting art and DEX to streamline token transactions.

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