BuySell Coin Project is Prioritizing Wild Animals Welfare and Conservancy, BULL Coin Trading at $6.24

BuySell Coin Project is Prioritizing Wild Animals Welfare and Conservancy, BULL Coin Trading at $6.24

BuySell Coin

Humanity can’t exist in isolation. Yes, we are a top apex predator, and our actions have been blamed for devastating the environment, wildlife, and causing such an acute imbalance that the future, according to scientists, is unclear. Towards that end, there must be steps for the conservancy, of preservation, and of putting in place measures through favorable policies of advocacy for a better future. A future of trust and co-existence, not of patronization, and dominance. Blockchain functions on the auspice of decentralization, distribution, and community. The same way fauna and flora co-exist so that every species contributes to building a perfect ecological balance, an ecosystem of preservation of all, not an individual species.

Different projects seek to resolve existing problems of efficiency and decentralization enabled by the blockchain. BuySell Coin is a project that specifically aims to help conserve wild animals and through the platform, it is perhaps the only means of influencing the future of the Earth.

What is the BuySell Coin Project?

The project’s creators are keen on returning the debt to nature and are therefore dedicated to achieving this goal by actively searching for organizations, charities, shelters, and more where they can cooperate with. As a blockchain-based project, the size of contributions will depend on the actual needs of organizations and also on the stability and liquidity of the BULL coin. There are 1 million BULL coins on circulation. BuySell Coin has introduced a master node concept. Like all master node systems, different requirements must be accomplished for a bidder to qualify as a master node. Aside from high reliability and security, different categories of master nodes must hold certain amounts of coins to qualify.

For example, masternode with 1,000 bulls as collateral receive $0.30 as rewards within the first 50,000 blocks, and rewards will fall as more blocks are processed. By the fourth tier, and once 100 million blocks have been processed, a master node will receive $0.01 per block as reward for 3,000 Bull collateral.

BULL Coin Statistics and Partners

The project is Scrypt-based, and it generates blocks every minute. The coin was actively traded at CREX24 and was changing hands at $6.24. It had a spread of 6% against BTC, the only trading pair listed at the periphery exchange. In December 2019, the coin was perhaps the best performing asset after soaring to highs of $50. Before then, it was changing in cents, and the spike got the attention of traders who continued to trade the coin, pumping it to new highs before the current fall. For a perspective on how the project’s coin has been performing, just eight months prior, in June 2019, the coin was trading at $0.00053583, according to statistics from CoinGecko. The coin is trading at $6.24, a 11,645X, from June 2019 high.

Also, even though there is the concept of MasterNodes, the number of MNs is low and yet to be captured by leading masternode trackers. For now, their main partners include several coin trackers and news sites including Coinmarketcap, DELTA, CoinGecko, Blockfolio, Coincodex, Coinlib, and others.

CREX24 is a cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2017. It has a simple interface, an affiliate program, and the team behind the project are well-versed with different cryptocurrencies including BULL. The cryptocurrency platform supports 558 coins and there are 843 trading pairs. Traders willing to hold the coin can download BULL desktop wallets supported by three operating systems, including iOS and Windows.

BuySell Coin Project Roadmap

The project has a clear roadmap and adheres to it. The first phase is to search for organizations to cooperate with. Secondly, they will negotiate with them, and send periodic donations to fund these organizations while receiving reports on how they spend distributed funds. In the later stages, they will introduce partners to the Bull cryptocurrency based on continued cooperation.