In Celebration of 3 Years of Life: Arion Coin

In Celebration of 3 Years of Life: Arion Coin

Arion Coin

ARION coin is turning 3! The team is so happy to share this occasion with you, the community, and are grateful for the support you have shown over the years.

As the project turn three, its team looks back at all they have accomplished and takes a look at where the project is going.

Firstly, ARION Coin is at its heart a community-driven coin, peer 2 peer payment system based in Masternode Technology.

ARION Masternodes is based on the DASH code and offers scalable, stable, reliable and secure transactions. The code is Open-source, peer 2 peer, decentralized and has functionality included like *Instantsend, Privatesend and Dark Gravity Wave technology.

The road to now…..

The project’s wallet changed a couple of times due to various reasons. Arion tried to be a hybrid coin (POS/MN/Mining) that failed miserably using the velocity system. So, it was changed to Mining/MN. Back in the day, Arion wanted to be available to the, then new, D3 mining machines and have an X11 code to mine. The project upgraded the wallet later to reduce the reward structure and release the port restriction and now have V2.0.

The Project’s Community

Arion’s community grew to 11k Strong another small feather in the cap. Connecting with people all over the world. Like joining up with the Venezuelan community run by Tego and the Indonesian community run by Nando. Both work hard to promote ARION in their respective communities. Arion is used in many ways to better the communities they work tirelessly in and the team thanks them for their support.

Arion Coin Apps and Wallets

ARION has an asset tracking app that’s like Blockfolio and allows you to track your assets all in one application using up to date pricing information to keep you updated on price changes and track the current values of your portfolio.

ARION also has an Android wallet for you to safely store your ARION and use it in peer 2 peer transactions using QR code scanning technology. There are added some other popular coins for you to store as well like APR Coin and VULC Coin (soon to be QUO).

Arion project’s Web-wallet should be available in the next couple of days for those of you that are on IOS and don’t have an apple version of the android wallet.


ARION has a website API that allows any website in the world to incorporate ARION as a payment solution for Goods and Services. This easy to install API calculates the value of ARION needed to pay for goods and services based on your home currency and allows an ARION community member to pay directly into your wallet.

With projects’ focus on being able to be used as a payment solution, it even started an e-commerce site/marketplace where you can use your ARION to purchase goods. The team hopes to expand on that in the coming year.

The project really looking forward to this year and focusing on education and how to use ARION and cryptocurrencies as payment solutions. The team wants to attend Blockchain conferences in Asia and spread its exposure. It wants to establish some new partnerships that aid Arion projects’ development and growth of its community to strengthen position in the market and bring new blood into the coin.

Coin Specification

  • Name: Arion Coin
  • Ticker: ARION
  • Algo: X11 ( Dash )
  • Dark Gravity Wave Retargeting algorithm
  • Pre-mine 1.8mil
  • Max Supply = 21 million
  • Collateral: 5000
  • Block reward = 9
  • Block Time = 2min
  • Block Maturity = 10 Blocks
  • Split – MN 75 / POW 25

Social Media Links

Website :

Twitter : @ARION_COIN

Facebook : arioncoinofficial

Telegram :

Bitcointalk : Link HERE

Discord :

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