Martkist Brings the Benefits of Cryptocurrency to Colombian Medical Tourism Industry

Martkist Brings the Benefits of Cryptocurrency to Colombian Medical Tourism Industry


It only takes one small change, one small step in the right direction, to develop a unique product, and that is exactly what Martkist has done. Martkist has been working to make the cryptocurrency more inclusive, accessible, and transacted in the daily lives of the users.

The project has revealed the list of doctors and procedures for the residents or visiting individuals in Colombia. These doctors can also take payments for the procedures and other fees in MARTK. This makes Martkist an excellent payment gateway for the everyday user.

This step is going to bring more people and industries under the ambit of cryptocurrency. On both sides of the spectrum, the doctors and the patients will understand more about the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other related aspects because they can now use MARTK as regular fiat money to conduct everyday transactions.

Why Medical Services?

This step brings Martkist one step closer to their core mission of intelligent allocation of resources. Bringing the medical services in Colombia into the fold is a great step that will undoubtedly augment the usage of the MARTK in general life correspondence.

Added to this, the Colombian medical tourism industry is booming. Across the globe, the medical tourism industry is expected to grow up to $207 billion by 2027. This means that it will grow with a CAGR of 21.1%.

If that’s not all, due to medical tourism, any hosting nation gets additional benefits from several other sources. This includes tourism expenditure, support to the local tourist-based markets, pharmacies, healthcare service providers, and other auxiliary services. Plus, revenue generation for the government because various other sectors will grow.

Also, a boom in medical tourism means that local residents can get better employment opportunities. That is why the Martkist team decided to integrate the crypto coin with the medical services providers in the country.

Due to the forward and backward linkages, the MARTK can further penetrate into other associated sectors. Any other vendor or service provider can also start using MARTK and get the benefits of a decentralized system.

A Potential to Upgrade the Entire System

The thing about medical payment is that sometimes they can get delayed even when a user has access to funds at all times. This is specially important in the case of medical tourists. These users may not get instant access to cash or digitally transfer the payments for the treatment, which can cause issues and stress.

Every second is essential in the healthcare domain, and here if the user is marred by slow transfer systems or the inability to acquire cash on the spot is not good. That is why Martkist is allowing everybody to visit Colombia for treatment purposes to circumvent such issues and use the speed, authenticity, security, and decentralization power of cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, if the payments are made via a bank, wire transfers, or any other medium, the users have to deal with extra fees and surcharges labeled as service expenses. With MARTK, there are no additional charges whatsoever. The users can pay directly to the service provider without fear or favor.

Capitalizing on the Potential

The visionary Martkist team saw great potential in the medical tourism of Colombia and went on to capitalize on this opportunity. This step will certainly bring a lot of transparency and cost-saving to the users.

Plus, since the users will become the owners of a crypto coin that can be further staked, they can also earn some passive income. Apart from staking, if the new users gain interest in the cryptocurrency world, they can explore it further to understand how it works and how to benefit from altcoins and bitcoin.

To make the new project more accessible and transparent, the project team has also shared the names of doctors and the procedure costs in USD.

Doctors List:

  • Edinson Orozco – Plastic surgeon
  • Reynaldo Corrales – Plastic surgeon
  • Juan Carlos Escaf – Ophthalmologist anterior segment and cornea (surgery without glasses)
  • Ingrid Salazar and Cleofe Villa – Ophthalmologist (facial rejuvenation, eyelids, and botox)
  • Marped Morales – Ophthalmologist Glaucoma
  • Mary Cabarcas – Neuro-Ophthalmologist
  • Ramiro Albis – Pediatrician
  • Roberto Leyva – Retinologist
  • Emil Marabi – Vascular surgeon
  • Elvia Molano – Otorhino
  • Rafael Campanella – Gynecologist

It is evident from the list that almost every general medical specialist is involved in the project. With time, the list will grow to include all the other medical specialists. The cost structure of the services provided by the enlisted specialists ranges between $450 for plasma to $7890 for a facelift.

So, the service provisioning is highly diverse and covers almost every procedure required by an individual.

What is Martkist?

Martkist is a community-focused cryptocurrency project and modern marketplace working with an aim to bring the benefits of crypto to everyone. The entire project is decentralized and runs on the Ethereum blockchain, integrated with smart contracts, and steered by the principles of governance budget voting.