Crypto Fight Club: Unlimited Staking Pool Wealth

Crypto Fight Club: Unlimited Staking Pool Wealth

Crypto Fight Club

The Crypto Fight Club is a crypto project developed to mirror the everyday struggle we all face as a human being. The project has come a long way since our last post on it. For those following the project actively, you will notice that the project is more focused on getting itself listed on as many crypto related platform has possible. As a result of this, more people are now exposed to the project thus bringing in more investor.

Staking pools

One place the Crypto Fight Club has really outdone itself is its addition to several staking pools.

For those who don’t know what a staking pool is, a staking pool is a platform designed to bring together holders of proof of stake (PoS) coins. In a PoS algorithm, the largest wallets with coin connected to the network are usually awarded blocks to mine. As a result of this, a staking pool with millions of coins in it has more chances of being awarded a block than an individual wallet. So rather than just holding coins in your wallet without it doing anything, adding it to a staking pool makes increases your wallet size. Staking the coins you hold is a relatively easy way to earn more coins without having to be a miner.

Currently, the Crypto Fight Club can be found on the following staking pools:

  • Staking.World
  • Eco Stake
  • Cryptostake
  • CoinZone


The Crypto Fight Club has done well when it comes to having their coin listed on exchanges. Compared to other projects on the same level, the CFCC coin has one of the largest lists of exchange supporting it.

This has resulted in the coin gaining more traction and even seeing its volume and value grow significantly despite the extended bear market.

For anyone interested in getting the CFCC coin, here is some crypto exchange you should definitely check out.

The CFCC coin is still in its early stages. Partnerships are being formed on a regular basis. This is reflective on the price of the coin. The Crypto Fight Club community is also growing exponentially and the team is getting closers to initiating the coin’s functionality which includes:

  • Subscription
  • Fast transaction speeds
  • Low to nearly zero fees
  • Community information hub
  • Store merchandise and apparel
  • Podcasts

The team recently announced the likelihood of an update and partnership. This makes now the perfect time to buy some CFCC coins.