The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracking Platform: Coinlib Review

The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracking Platform: Coinlib Review

Coinlib platform review

One key aspect of trading the crypto market is portfolio tracking. No matter the size of your trade, you surely want to have a well-detailed overview of how your investment is doing in the market. Thankfully there are many platforms to go about doing this, but a small percent of these platforms actually delivers. A crypto trader only wants to deal with real-time numbers and not some lagging information. This is where the Coinlib platform comes into play. Unlike most crypto portfolio and price tracking platform, Coinlib provide its users with a real-time price of coins and information.

What is Coinlib?

Coinlib is a cryptocurrency price tracking and portfolio management platform. This platform is free for everyone to use. Once you register an account on the platform you can then go added to connect your accounts with the platform, so you can then get real portfolio performance update.

According to the platform’s official website, Coinlib has about 4000 coins listed. Furthermore, the platform relies on data fetched from over 150 exchanges for its outputs. This means trades, prices, and volumes are gotten straight from the exchanges. Importantly the platform doesn’t rely on other third-party sites for data.

As such, one can only expect to get accurate and real-time coin prices and volumes.

Features that Makes Coinlib Special

User-friendly Interface

There is really no point in making things complicated for people all in the name of technicality. The Coinlib team understands this. Therefore, they provide users with a simple and easy to navigate platform.

Cryptocurrency Calculator

Another Key Feature is of the platforms the Cryptocurrency calculator. Using this calculator, users can easily calculate the value of a coin in fiat or in other cryptocurrencies like BTC/ETH.

Price Difference

One thing most traders fail to understand is that there is always a difference in prices offered by exchanges. A smart trader with deep pocket can easily take advantage of this price difference and make some money. Using Coinlib such trader won’t have to visit multiple exchanges to get the prices. The platform provides these prices in real-time.

Technical analysis of cryptocurrencies

Technical analysis is a major component of trading the financial market. This is not limited to the crypto market. A trader can make a fortune trading the crypto market using technical analysis accurately.

Coinlib makes it easy for traders to use technical tools on their favourite coin. This is a feature which can’t be found on most exchange platform.

The platform provides users with several technical analysis tools such as the CCI, MACD, Moving Averages which can be used to predict the direction of price. It also arms traders with the knowledge of what price to buy or sell a coin.

News Feed

Having access to valid Information is a major advantage in trading the crypto market. The best way to get this information is through news feeds. Coinlib has a dedicated news section that includes the latest updates about cryptocurrencies from around the globe. There is a news section for each cryptocurrency and exchange as well and you will find news related to that currency.


For those looking to make predictions on whether a coin will rise or fall without having to risk anything, Coinlib allows users to make a prediction for each coin.

Each user has his own predictions page where all predictions are gathered along with a score of how well the user did.

This page is however accessible to other users who want to see how well such trader’s predictions are doing overtime.

Price Alerts

Tracking your portfolio is an active process. This means you want access to know where the price is at a particular point in time. To do this, you will need to visit the platform multiple times a day or an hour. Fortunately, this can be avoided. Coinlib allows you to track all your assets, their performance, and prices along with the general performance of your initial investment in real-time. No more constant refreshing.

For anyone serious about staying on top of the market price and trend, Coinlib is your best bet. Additionally, you can set up an account within a few minutes and you are good to go.