Midas.Investments is the Safest Way to Make Money Investing in the Crypto Market

Midas.Investments is the Safest Way to Make Money Investing in the Crypto Market

Midas.Investments project Fline

A vast majority of those who are in the crypto space right now, are in for the money. As such any avenue to make money consistently and with the least risk possible is a welcomed development to this space. So far, the safest way, to make money dealing in the crypto market is through investment in popular and well-backed masternodes.

This is why crypto investment platforms like Midas.Investments are focusing mainly on making it easy for everyone to invest in masternodes.

What is Midas.Investments and How does it work?

This is a crypto-based investment platform designed to provide its users with various tools for creating long-term crypto-portfolios and manage them automatically, maximising the potential of crypto-assets.

With its focus mainly on masternodes investment, the platform has the full-service for over 80 masternode and proof-of-stake coins.

How to invest in a masternode

The first step is to select which coin you want to invest in from the official shares page. After which you go through authorization by signing in using your Google or Discord login details.

Once authorized, you will proceed to buying the shares of the coin you have selected.

Once your masternode is signed and set up you can then process to monitoring it on your dashboard.

The Midas Coin

Just like with most crypto-based project, the Midas.Investments also have its own coin called the Midas Coin.

The Midas coin is proof of stake and masternode coin that is used on the platform in various purposes. One of the key use of the coin is that an investor can lock 350 Midas coins to use the masternode and proof-of-stake services for free!

Midas InstantBuy

You can buy coins directly from the platform on the exchange price. Your spent BTC will go directly on exchange to support the price and to coin developers to maintain their development process. By using InstantBuy you receive a 0.5% cashback on buys, which makes this type of purchasing coins far more beneficial than buying on exchange.

As well as being able to purchase instantly investors can earn BTC through cashback rather than paying exchange trading fees. InstantBuy sends a large percentage of investors BTC to a trust fund that builds price strength on exchange to reduce volatility and aids growth. A proportion of the BTC also goes directly to the project providing them with critical funds needed to continue the development and growth of the project to increase the probability of value increase of investments.

Midas Exchange

Midas exchange is built within the platform, which allows you to trade your masternode and proof of stake assets without losing rewards during trading. The coins that are bought on the exchange immediately start generating rewards for you. computer

Midas.Investments provide a lot of analytical data, ratings and educational materials that allow investors to master all the markets (BTC, Altcoin and passive income) without ease, and ensure in long-term profitability.

With the focus of the platform being on making sure its members earn in the long run. The platform has released a new way of investment.

As such, Instead of investing in masternodes now investors can upgrade your Lock-in to the next level and receive rewards for a lifetime.

This new method is referred to as Burn-out!

To access this new feature, investors need to buy 250 Midas to upgrade their Lock-in. Once done, such investor will begin to receive part of next Burn-out activation.

Those 250 Midas will split into two parts. The first one will be burned, increasing the overall price of Midas and taking coins out of circulation. The second is split between previous activations of Burn-out.

The split between burn and rewards are changing. The more people activated Burn-out the fewer coins burned. This is to help control how many coins investors receive.

Owning masternode is a passive way of making money off the crypto market. Although safer, the returns are small compared to what you get from trading the market.

For anyone who is used to the fast-paced way of milking the market, investing in a masternodes is not a sound business model.

To take care of this group of people, the Midas.Investments platform has launched a platform called Fline coin.

What is Fline coin?

Fline is an investment platform based on highly effective BitMex trading bots.

The platform combines the safety that comes with investing in masternodes with the returns that comes with trading the live market to give a perfect investment platform.

According to the Fline team, the goal is to create a simple, stable, and profitable sources of passive income based on algorithmic and price action trading.

How to Buy a Fline Trading Bots

1. To take advantage of the platform’s trading bot, the first step is to buy a Fline Masternode package (1000 Fline Coins). This can be done through the project’s mother platform — Midas Investment.

This investment collateral would be locked up on the platform through the period of investment. The purpose of this is to ensure the stability of the Fline coin.

Importantly, the investor receives the masternode rewards in addition to the rewards made from trading using the bots.

2. Once an investor buys the masternode, the investor needs to prove the ownership of the masternode by signing the masternode address in the wallet or deposit Fline coins to the Midas.Investments platform. This can be done simply by contacting the admins in Fline discord channel or by email. Signing a masternode generally includes selling coins, moving to another address, or transferring it to the third-party.

3. Upon proving the ownership of the masternode, the investor will be referred to the investing interface where they are expected to make a minimum bot deposit of 0.5 BTC. The maximum deposit currently allowed by each masternode is an extra 3 BTC.

Cost of Using Bot

Apart from buying a masternode plan, there are other costs attached to using the bot. This cost is a subject of the bot profit. Meaning if the bot doesn’t make you money, you won’t pay this fee.

The Fline fee is 50% on profit, 10% of which is spent on supporting the Flines price through a complex system of buybacks. The fee is taken from each positive trade.

Through the fee, the Fline coin platform can guarantee its investors a stable price and also curb POS attacks on the network.

Furthermore, If the investors’ balance is less than 100% from the initial deposit, the fee is calculated only on profits higher than 100% of the deposit.

Is the Bot profitable?

The Midas investments team has made is known that the bot is capable of making not less than 6100% return annually. This is about a 40% return monthly. The team also released a youtube video (https://youtu.be/0KBx8boUFjA) to back this up. Knowing the Midas Investments team and the amount of reputation they have built so far, as well as the trading result which can be found on the website the claims, are solid. So far the bot has made 34 trades with over 16 BTC invested.

Where you can buy Fline Coin

Midas Instant Buy Option

The instant buy feature present on the Midas investments platform makes it easy to buy Fline coins instantly without having to deal with an exchange.


This is a startup-friendly crypto exchange with several of coin listed on it. One of such coin is the Fline Coin.


You can also buy yourself some Fline Coin by visiting this exchange.


The Fline Coin team made sure to develop a wallet for the three most popular operating system around:

  • Linux
  • Windows 64 and 32
  • Mac OS

So depending on your choice you easily set up your wallet on any of these operating systems.

Since buying the Fline masternode equates to making money trading in the live markets, using bots, this clearly makes it the most profitable masternode anyone can invest in right now.