CryptoSurge: The Ace Up The Sleeve For Successful Crypto-traders

CryptoSurge: The Ace Up The Sleeve For Successful Crypto-traders


Cryptocurrency trading is currently one of the world’s most profitable investment opportunities. The reason behind its popularity is that cryptocurrencies offer those that get involved an opportunity to make a fortune. Being sharp and efficient with your resources is essential to take full advantage of the volatile crypto market. Most importantly, traders need to keep a close eye on fluctuating cryptocurrency prices. CryptoSurge is a new platform that lets you track new and existing cryptocurrencies and notifies you when changes in currency value take place. In addition, CryptoSurge informs you when unlisted coins are placed on an exchange.

What Exactly Does CryptoSurge Offer?

CryptoSurge, which commonly goes by its URL, is a cryptocurrency alert service. It analyzes various cryptocurrencies across a variety of crypto exchanges every 15 minutes and communicates the news to its subscribers in the form of a notification.

These notifications are divided into two formats:

First, it notifies traders when new cryptocurrency coins or previously unlisted crypto coins appear on any exchange. It’s actually one of the platform’s biggest selling points. Traders like to be kept up-to-date with the investment opportunities that arise when newly developed digital currencies hit the market. Early notification of a specific digital currency being listed on a crypto exchange gives traders a favorable advantage and increases their chances of a profitable trade.

The whole process is quite simple. You just need to sign up to the platform and provide the currency symbol, and the platform will send you alerts in your preferred format. As soon as the virtual currency is available on any exchange, CryptoSurge will send the notification right away and give you the early bird advantage.

The second most important part of the website is the cryptocurrency value fluctuations report. The platform has more than 4000 cryptocurrencies registered in its database, which are constantly being analyzed on the market. As soon as the value of the selected currency increases or decreases over the user-specified margin, they are informed immediately in their preferred format.

CryptoSurge also helps you track the rates of the chosen cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is to specify the currency and the value margins. As soon as the digital currency jumps or falls over or under that value point the exchange will notify you on your preferred platform so that you can buy or sell the currency in a timely manner and enjoy maximum profits.

While the platform offers these amazing services, it does not offer any tips or advice on trading. As a matter of fact, the website has an extremely strict policy not to entertain anyone asking for advice on trading tips for any cryptocurrency.

How Much Does CryptoSurge Charge for its Services?

CryptoSurge is offering its services for over 4337 cryptocurrencies and 60 different crypto exchanges currently. The best part is that you can claim these services for free almost any time you want.

As mentioned above, the platform provides two different services. First, it allows subscribers to track 25 different cryptocurrencies at one time in either format completely free of charge. So, you can track a total of 50 different digital currencies in both formats without paying a dime, which is sufficient for most users.

Secondly, in case anyone wants to monitor more coins, the platform offers a package for $2 which allows users to track an additional 25 cryptocurrencies. The service can grow up to 100 cryptocurrencies for each subscriber, however, once this surpassed the platform creates a special package according to the user’s specific requirements.

How Does CryptoSurge Alert its Subscribers?

CryptoSurge services are very convenient, they’ve been designed with you in mind.

One way of receiving the alert is through email, which you provide at the time of subscription. Although emails are not as quick or efficient as compared to other notification formats, it is still the mainstream notification choice for the majority of users. Moreover, email notifications on CryptoSurge are very easy to configure and can be disabled just as easily.

Another way is through prompt notifications. The alert service is compatible with mobile applications such as Discord and Pushover where instant notifications can be received. These applications are available on almost all major platforms such as Windows, Android, and Apple.


Crypto-trading has been consistently increasing in popularity over the past decade. As a crypto trader, it is important to be smart and vigilant about your decisions to maximize your profit opportunities. CryptoSurge has become a vital alert service, which actively analyzes exchange-based cryptocurrency data and notifies its subscribers in a timely fashion. These notifications can help you actively track the value of coins and proactively maximize your profits.