Bitcoin Token (BTCT): A Community-Run, Decentralized & Open-Source Cryptocurrency With Ultra-Fast Transaction Times

Bitcoin Token (BTCT): A Community-Run, Decentralized & Open-Source Cryptocurrency With Ultra-Fast Transaction Times

Bitcoin Token

A number of decentralized open-source cryptocurrencies have come in the market over the last few years. However, what differentiates one cryptocurrency from another is the community of people that controls it.

The Bitcoin Token (BTCT) is one such community-run cryptocurrency volunteered by its developers and running on an open-source and completely decentralized network. The developers of Bitcoin Token (BTCT) aim at breaking another major barrier of cryptocurrency acceptance i.e. mass-adoption.

While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have been full-proof alternatives for the traditional SWIFT banking systems for cross-border transactions, they have yet-not penetrated the mainstream adoption for paying for daily goods and services.

Faster and Low-Cost Small Transactions

Another major USP of the Bitcoin Token (BTCT) is that it can process transactions just under 3 seconds. Thus, BTCT provides a major alternative to the fiat currencies while making instant payments at POS terminals and cash counters. Besides, if you want to transfer money in any form like wire money, share money, or just sending a gift to a friend, BTCT will make it possible.

Since Bitcoin has managed to establish its image in transferring a huge sum of money cross-border, the Bitcoin Token (BTCT) has emerged as solutions for faster and smaller low-cost transactions. Thus, it is more suitable for real-life daily transactions and solutions.

Another unique feature of Bitcoin Token (BTCT) is that it is deflationary, meaning BTCT transaction costs would go on decreasing further over a period of time. For small value transactions like $25, Bitcoin attracts a considerable fee of $0.42.

However, a $25 transaction with BTCT would only cost $0.01. Moreover, BTCT is deflationary and after its 3-year mining period, each transaction will burn 0.0001 of the total supply. We are already 6 months through this 3-year popular dubbed as the accumulation phase.

Bitcoin Token (BTCT) is completely Energy-Efficient

Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin require high-end computing hardware to keep the network functional and going. Thus, mining new blocks and adding them to the BTC blockchain is an energy-intensive process.

The Bitcoin Token (BTCT) breaks this barrier and doesn’t require ‘any traditional computationally demanding miners to run its network’. Bitcoin Token is completely eco-friendly and requires only a fraction of the total energy consumed by other crypto networks like Bitcoin.

The thing with the BTCT blockchain network is that it is exclusively powered using Raspberry Pi mini-computers which require very little energy to run. Setting up your own Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Token node is easy and simple. You can follow all steps for beginner and advanced as provided on their website.

BTCT Token Wallet And Masternode

The Bitcoin Token wallet provides a great opportunity for investors to store and earn BTCT freely by just keeping the wallet open. Bitcoin token features a desktop wallet rewarding users for holding the coins. This process of holding BTCT token in your wallet connected to the internet is called as ‘staking’.

However, you need a minimum of 1000+ BTCT token to start staking. The BTCT Wallet is available on all three platforms – Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.

Another popular way of earning rewards is through masternode hosting. Here you need to choose between a shared and full masternode. The Masternodes play a huge role in strengthening the BTCT network.

You need a minimum of 10,000 BTCT tokens to own a full masternode which will generate 8 BTCT each time a reward is generated. To make this entire masternode-hosting process user-friendly, Bitcoin Token has partnered with FlitsNode. This platform also offers on-the-go masternode hosting features to earn on-the-go rewards.

You can purchase your Bitcoin Tokens (BTCT) against USD/BTC/ETH through any of the four exchanges – Birake Exchange, Altilly Exchange, StakeCube Exchange, Crex24 Exchange.