Flits 3 Masternode App

Flits 3 Masternode App

Flits 3

The Flits Masternode now brings a new and proactive feature that takes care of multiple number of nodes. Some of the other additional perks accorded by Flits 3 include the Ambassador Program, a better intuitive design and fortified safety.

The new application update has given power to user and provides a decentralized program to handle all the masternode transactions.

Flits 3 handles all the transactions for different cryptocurrencies from within the application. Presented by the same team that brought us Klimatas, Flits 3 is the new age solution for handling multiple nodes that allows staking of coins all from the palm of your hands.

What is Flits3 all about?

A staker or a masternode holder needs the assistance of a platform which can handle everything conveniently, as the number of cryptocurrencies go up everyday.

If not for the Flits 3, the stakers would have to spend a considerable amount of time in the whole process. After sending money to the wallet, one will have to spend more time on staking and running the masternode.

Flits 3 removes this need from a computer device. Everything can be handled through the mobile application.

And believe it or not, setting up everything through the computer is easier said than done.

Why should you use the new and updated Flits3 App?

Well, the new version of Flits3 will rekindle your interest in coin staking and investing in other masternodes.

  • Ambassador Program: In its new and upgraded application, Flits3 is running the new Ambassador Program. This is more like a referral program, where every referral will earn a commission out of the fee deposits.

For instance, referring 1 to 9 users, one will get 2.5% of all the fee deposits. Then for 10 to 24 users, it is 5%. For more than 25 users, one will get 10% of the total fee that is deposited by them.

The commission will be credited to the BTC or FLS Wallet. With this, the creators have made it easier for users to refer as the results are instant and lucrative.

  • A New Look and Design: With a new design, the refurbished Flits3 is more attractive and has an intuitive interface.

The carousels are smoother, it is easier to understand the data with better graphics.

  • More than 1000 nodes: It is no surprise that Flits3 reached the total tally of 400 nodes within just one week of its introduction. And now, they have crossed the 1000 mark and this is a huge thing.

Due to everyday listing of new coins that bring in new members and lower joining fee, this milestone has been achieved.

The regular and authentic support to the users has allowed people to trust Flits3 and utilize the potential. of this application.

  • Safety Features: An application that deals with cryptocurrency needs to be fortified with the best safety features. And that is why Flits3 will undergo a security audit every month.

Users can set up two-factor authentication. Moreover, they can also enable SMS verification while logging in and when they want to send coins.

  • Web and Tablet Version: In the coming days, users can also access their accounts from their browser or their tablets. Currently under development, both these versions will provide a similar user-friendly interface as the mobile version.


All in all, the Flits3 masternode manager is the next-gen solution for handling and managing multiple cryptocurrencies. With these new updates, the application has become even better in terms of its functionality, authenticity, and safety. So, if you are looking for a partner cryptocurrency ledger and manager, Flits3 might be your choice.

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