FastWay: Safe, Fast and Private Way to Make Crossborder Payments

FastWay: Safe, Fast and Private Way to Make Crossborder Payments

FastWay crypto and fiat payments

It is everyone’s dream to one day make a lot of money to take care of their family members’ needs. For some people, they need to travel out of their country of birth to make the needed money.

The problem them shifts from making money to sending money back to their families back home without getting ripped off.

This is why the need for cheaper, faster and secure solutions to sending money abroad has increased significantly in recent years.

Compared to the exorbitant transactional fees and long delays that are being experienced from using conventional methods of sending money abroad, new services like FastWay, addressing this need are doing is for an extremely low fee. These fees are usually negligible. The transactions are usually always completed within one business day.

What is FastWay?

FastWay is a blockchain-powered cross-border remittance service that boasts of having one of the most impressive and user-friendly interfaces in the space. According to the Fastway team, users will only need to fill in their card data and from there money will be debited.

This makes it possible for anyone with a Fiat-based replenish-able card to transfer money in a fixed currency from one country to another

Fast Way service’s main agenda is to make the transfer between fiat and digital currencies easy. The platform is aimed at optimizing and simplifying the process of money transfer. Using the platform customers will be able to carry out cross-border transfers quickly and more importantly, cheap, private, and secure.

Making use of the decentralized blockchain network, money sent using Fast Way will be far away from the grasps of the centralized banking system.

Features of the Fast Way service

Instant Transfer of Funds

Unlike most services in the space, transfers done on the Fastway platform are usually instant. This means you won’t have to wait for days before your money reaches its destination.

Local and international transfer

Using the Fastway platform, you will be able to make both localised transfer of funds as well as cross border transfers.

Private Transaction

The entire system is designed to maximize user privacy. Both sender and receiver information will be obfuscated from public and team view, only basic data is needed to complete transfers

24 Hour Operation Through Automated Services

Unlike centralized services, the platform js opened 24/7/365 without interruption. Since all transactions are processed automatically, you didn’t need to chat with anyone before doing your transfers.

Low Commission Fees

Fast Way also offers one of the lowest fees in the space. This is made possible as a result of its utilization of blockchain technology. As such, you can be assured that your commission will never go beyond 2%.


Although a fairly new platform to the remittance space, FastWay has made some important headway. The team recently announced a partnership with Crypto World. Also, the team announced the launch of its Testnet, and that the mainnet launch is fast approaching.

The blockchain remittance space is hugely competitive, but the Fastway team has registered on several occasions that it is not sacred of rivals.

Going by how simple, cheap, private and secure the platform truly is compared to most services in the space, Fastway is already on the winner’s path.