Rapids – A Transformative Platform that Utilizes Social Media and Blockchain Technology

Rapids – A Transformative Platform that Utilizes Social Media and Blockchain Technology

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The Rapids Network (RPD) is a crypto project that uses Social Media Networks to power everyday transactions and makes it possible to send and receive payments. To make this possible, the blockchain-focused platform will integrate widgets into major social media networks.

In the recent past, various applications for blockchain technology have been developed and are now prevalent in various industries. With so many social media platforms available to the masses these days, it is difficult to be present and active on all of them.

The Rapids Network wants to make it possible for people to interact even when they are on different social media platforms. Using their solution, users will be able to send funds across different social media platforms. To make this a reality, the team behind the project will use blockchain technology and the Rapids coin. The team wants to make it as easy as possible to use crypto no matter which device or platform one uses. This will make online transactions faster and more convenient.

The Rapids 2.0 Upgrade

The Rapids Network shortly ago upgraded to the 2.0 version of the platform. Various areas were affected by this upgrade including the block rewards, which are now 35% for staking and 65% for masternodes.

Besides that, the project is increasing listing at exchanges, resulting in more liquidity, which will help grow the community. Additionally, the team is growing partnerships within the blockchain and crypto community. The team also made upgrades to the Tipbot and mobile wallet.

The recent upgrade to Rapid 2.0 helps to propel all planned developments and grow use cases for RPD.

Mobile Wallet Upgrade

The team recently released v2.0 of the Core Wallet. The v2.0 Wallet can be downloaded through this link. The new wallet is operational and can host the Consensus mechanism that launched on May 22 when the chain reached Block 793850.

The new wallet comes with a new Consensus, a more versatile blockchain, upgrades to the security, increased block rewards, and many other features that are in development.

The wallet was also redesigned and features a better UI. It is easier to navigate and the colors have been redesigned to be in line with the new design of the Rapids Logo. There is a video tutorial to help understand how to make the upgrade from the old version or install the new wallet from scratch.

If you wish to download the wallet, the first thing you need to do while the wallet synchronizes, is to create a backup. You must not skip this step. After that, you can patiently wait for the synchronization process to complete. If the V1 wallet was already synchronized, that balance should be instantly available.

All the capabilities available in the old wallet will be there plus new features. For those that have RPD on Staking and Masternode pool sites, there is nothing to worry about. These sites update the wallet to ensure that you have a great experience when using their service. If an exchange or hosting platform is not compliant with the update, users will receive a notification. It will allow users to move to sites that support the upgrade.

About Rapids.Host -A Masternode Hosting Platform

In the crypto community, there are several options to make a passive income. These are crypto mining, masternode hosting, and staking. However, these three options have their limitations. It is with these limitations in mind that Rapids Network decided to create a masternode hosting platform.

Recently, Rapids Network announced they acquired Masternode.Community, a Staking and Masternode Hosting platform. They changed the name to Rapids.Host or simply “Host.”

The Rapids.Host platform is designed to be as easy to use as possible. If one doesn’t have many RPD coins, it is possible to join the Smart Pools on the platform and earn daily staking rewards. For Masternode Hosting, one needs at least 10 million RPD. It will only cost a monthly fee of 0.99€. Once the masternode is deployed, there is nothing more to be done.

Everything will be handled by the platform, letting users earn a passive income. Once the hosting is set up, users can switch off computer and the platform will continue to run on the virtual server. The hosting platform does not just support Rapids Masternodes. Users have a choice of 40 other coins including DIVI, XFE, SAFE coin, TELOS, and TPWR. 

It is also possible to contact the support team for assistance with registration.

Why Rapids.Host

The Rapid Network is always in search of new features and capabilities to add to the platform. However, the development of these capabilities costs money. As a result, the team decided to purchase the hosting platform as a long term and stable source of revenue. With revenue from the Rapids.Host, the team can have a dependable source of income and can focus all their efforts on developing the Rapids Network.