Koinon – Collaborating for Maximal Impact

Koinon – Collaborating for Maximal Impact

Koinon collaborating

The adoption rate is extremely important for a service such as the one Koinon is offering to the global market. To ensure that the rate starts on the right foot and continues to grow healthily, the crypto project has teamed up with a few organizations including Microsoft Africa to bring the benefits of Koinon to a wider audience as soon as possible.

Endeavours are currently in the works to collaborate with even more organizations, individuals and communities, in this article you’ll be introduced to each of the collaborators that have seen the potential in Koinon and wish to be part of the vision.

Microsoft Africa – Collaboration #1

Microsoft is a company that is synonymous with the digital age. With over 150,000 employees, their products being used in almost each and every country in the world and with a revenue of $125 billion in 2019, they don’t get much bigger. A collaboration with them is a nod from the Godfather of the digital age, that Koinon has the potential to make a significant impact in the developing world.

The collaboration ties in very well with Microsoft’s initiative 4Afrika, started back in 2013, in Rwanda. The aim being to empower the African people, giving them access to technology, education and investment to develop themselves, their nation and their continent.

Partnering with such a titan of our modern world serves as a clear indicator to the African people and their governments that Koinon is a trusted, respected initiative that aims to do good and has the support of industry leaders in technology to make that possible.

Flutterwave – Collaboration #2

While their headquarters is based in San Francisco, USA, Flutterwave was founded by two African entrepreneurs, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola. Flutterwave has been allowing people to make and receive money from one person to another on a global scale since 2014. Both commercial financing and mobile payment services are possible through the use of Flutterwave and this, therefore, makes the collaboration an important one, further aiding Koinon in their endeavour to reach as wide an audience as possible with their service.

With connections already established with banks all over the African continent, Flutterwave can play a key role in the adoption of Koinon in these developing nations. It is of no surprise that Flutterwave has noticed the multitude of ways that Koinon can help the region and believe strongly enough in the project and those leading the charge to unite with Koinon, further aiding the continent and its people to achieve their potential.

Komodo – Collaboration #3

While having a prestigious name within the modern world has its merits and connections with those in the power of the financial systems in Africa is also a great benefit, being able to provide a secure and reliable platform is also extremely important. Komodo does precisely this. Based in the EU, Komodo’s collaboration with Koinon is a true testament of the global nature of this venture to help Africa flourish into what it has the potential to become. Komodo has taken what has worked so well for the first generation of crypto coins and has improved upon them by offering greater anonymity and security, all in all, making the exchange of finances one that is not only easier but safer for all parties involved.

Chameleon Pay – Collaboration #4

The joining of forces with Chameleon Pay is one that resonates with the philosophy of Koinon, open and accepting. Chameleon Pay is a universal crypto wallet that allows for its users to store and make payments easily from a user-friendly interface. This is obviously an important collaboration on the technical and user experience side of Koinon’s venture, making their offering to Africa and other developing regions more accessible to their citizens.

Manera School of Technology – Collaboration #5

Zimbabwe is one of the most globally known African countries. It is also the home of Manera School of Technology, an institute founded and powered by Koinon. This project was brought to life to allow local citizens to get an education in blockchain technology, which is considered by many to be the future. Koinon has the support of Microsoft Africa and the African Development Bank. While there have been some delays regarding the project due to COVID-19, it is hoped that it will be fully functional by the end of the year.


The previously mentioned collaborations are only the beginning for Koinon, with solid leadership, the desire to make a significant positive impact in developing countries and the business sense to collaborate with the right organizations, projects and individuals, Koinon looks set to revolutionize the way that financial transactions take place. Clearly, they have brought to the table a concept that is much needed and further collaborations will aid them in their vision to make Africa and other developing regions better financially connected.

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