SafeCapital: All in One Powerful Decentralized Investment Ecosystem

SafeCapital: All in One Powerful Decentralized Investment Ecosystem


The blockchain space has recently witnessed an influx of conventional investors. This increase in the flow of capital has helped pumped the prices of some coins and increased their market cap.

With more money flowing into the blockchain space, the need to have a well-structured means of investing this money has become paramount.

The advancement in the blockchain space in recent times has birthed several mediums of investing in the space.

From starting your own personal project, trading the market to hosting a masternode. All these means of investment is scattered across several platforms which sometimes makes it difficult to keep track of one’s investment.

The difficulty and risk that comes with having to spread funds across several platforms is quite high. This is why having an all in one DeFi solution like the one offered by SafeCapital is very important.

About SafeCapital

SafeCapital is an all-in-one powerful decentralized investment ecosystem that encompasses several crypto investment modules.

Instead of spreading your cash across several exchanges, sites, and services, you can have your funds on a single platform through SafeCapital.

The following are the decentralized finance solutions offered by the SafeCapital platform.

01. SafeCapital Exchange

Built to the highest standards using military-grade security and capable of 10,000+ tps, SafeCapital Exchange moves digital assets at the speed of global needs while keeping 96% of funds in air-gapped cold storage.

02. Runway IEO Platform

SafeCapital Runway is a decentralized IEO platform for the future of crowdfunding. Investor safety is paramount – only properly vetted and proven projects make it to the public offering stage and onto SafeCapital Exchange.

03. Crowdfundr Incubator

Cryptocurrency assets are the future of value, but the world is made up of more than just crypto. Crowdfundr lets everyday businesses find the funding they need.

04. Shift Instant Exchange

Trade crypto instantly, automatically, and without specialized knowledge using Shift, a digital asset exchange for everyone. A truly one-click experience – after selecting your outgoing and incoming crypto assets, simply click Shift and instantly complete your trade.

05. Purveyor Trade Hub

As the first blockchain-based platform for buying and selling traditional stocks and commodities, Purveyor makes investing in precious metals like gold and silver a breeze. Precious metal commodities are stocked and insured by the Purveyor team, and buying 50+ stocks using BTC, ETH, or SCAP takes investing to the next level.

06. Autopilot Fund

Index and mutual funds are usually inaccessible to the retail investment crowd, but Autopilot Fund changes that once and for all. This is a Dapp which can be customized to suite the dynamic needs of the crypto environment. The interface is simple and gives you programming control over your investments. This also detects changes in real time and re-balances your investment portfolio.

07. Decentralized Charity

Cryptocurrency investing is usually thought of as a place to make financial gains, but what if we use blockchain to make the world a better place, too? SafeCapitalʼs Decentralized Charity platform does just that by providing a place for transparent, blockchain-based donations to get into the right hands.

About SCAP

SCAP is the native utility token of the SafeCapital network. The token will be used to conduct every transaction carried out across the SafeCapital ecosystem. The token will also have a low maximum supply to encourage scarcity, value, and its viability as a long-term investment.

Importantly, SCAP uses a proof of stake consensus algorithm. This makes it a perfect candidate for masternode investment. The upcoming SCAP burning program will also serve as a perfect solution to ensuring that the coin maintains its market value.

SafeCapital Masternode

SCAP will be the first masternode coin that locks collateral for a period of time. The coins will be locked for a period of one year. Collateral of 1000.00019 SCAP must be sent to Masternode address to secure a masternode.

This revolutionary design makes SafeCapital an advanced network and SCAP token anti-inflation. In addition, there will not be an ICO, IEO, or other forms of sale.

How to buy the Token

Currently, the only way to buy yourself some SCAP token is by visiting an exchange. SCAP is listed on, Crex24, exchange.asset, Graviex and whitebit exchange. Another exchange listing is expected to get announced soon.


SafeCapital is the first blockchain network that requires collateral to be LOCKED for the first year. Locking masternode collateral keeps value in the system, which gives SCAP a stable value in so many ways

The SCAP masternode is available across many platforms such as,

Gentarium will be soon be added to this list.

Within just two weeks of launching, the platform has gathered enough following across its social media platforms. The project’s thread on the popular crypto forum is also filled with positive vibes. Going by the public opinion of what the project stands for and how uniquely the project offers solutions, it is clear that the platform is a game-changer.

In a very short time SCAP will be added to the Coinmarketcap as well.