– A One-Stop Destination For AI-Based Trading of Bullion Products and Digital Assets – A One-Stop Destination For AI-Based Trading of Bullion Products and Digital Assets


There is a famous saying that the “world is changing for good”! Of course, it is, but with major changes in the global political and economic scenario, investors should focus on safeguarding their capital to protect against massive headwinds.

Currently, the erupting uncertainty in the global economic scenario is making investors jittery. The two biggest economies U.S. and China are engaged in the trade war for more than a year. Simultaneously, the U.S. global debt has topped to a massive $23 trillion which has raised alarming concerns of an impending recession.

With global investors now worrying about where they should park their capital, offers a unique AI-driven solution allowing investors to invest in bullion products like gold, silver, and other precious metals.

We all know that gold and other precious metals serve as a major hedge against the time of recession. Furthermore, over the last decade, digital assets and cryptocurrencies have emerged as another potential hedging alternative against the traditional stock markets. understand the investors’ demand, and thus, they have crafted unique services with seamless trading facilities. Besides, the platform also leverages the next-generation Artificial Intelligence technology to accurately predict the market movement. Let’s take a brief tour through some of its valuable services.

AI-Managed Accounts For Retail and Institutional Investors

Trading in any market requires quick decision-making and execution capabilities. WorldMarkets have implemented sophisticated AI Tools which does this job for its users. Note that WorldMarkets doesn’t use just any other sleazy AI tools but genuine ones like the Microsoft AI.

These AI tools are optimized to make accurate predictions about the market movement by scanning thousands of other trades in a fraction of seconds. These tools also seek the lowest risk opportunities, safeguarding investors’ money against market volatility, and thereby delivering a better return-on-investment (ROI).

As a testimony to its AI-based trading platform, WorldMarkets has proven results generating over 21% average monthly returns as of September 2019.

Additionally, the platform believes in absolute transparency with no upfront fees, rebates or mark-ups on its services.

Don’t worry, if you’re a professional trader and still want to have the entire control in your hand, you can open a self-trading account with WorldMarkets. With a self-trading account, an investor can choose to invest in stocks, bonds, options, etc. To offer its users this facility, WorldMarkets has partnered with one of the world’s leading Forex brokers – HY Markets.

WorldMarkets Bullion Product and Digital Gold Offering

As said earlier, socio-political situations can have a huge influence on markets and thus your investments. Hence, to prevent your investments from going topsy turvy, investing in physical commodities like gold, silver, and other precious metals is recommended.

Historical data suggests that these bullion products have successfully weathered recessions of the past while giving investors steady returns over time. WorldMarkets allows its users to directly invest in such products.

The platform has a vast network of private suppliers that can deliver these products in a physical form. The good thing is WorldMarkets facilitates a direct deal between the buyer and seller without any third-party fees, bank accounts, etc. One can purchase these products at the spot market rates within shipments done in 1-3 days of placing the order.

In addition to Gold and Silver, WorldMarkets also offers investment opportunities in other exotic metals like Platinum, Palladium, Copper, and Rhodium.

Don’t prefer buying physical assets? Guess what, the platform also facilitates users to “digitally” hold the gold bullion. Be rest assured that the “digital gold” is backed by actual physical gold.

WorldMarkets offers this facility of purchasing the “digital gold” in partnership with BullionVault. BullionVault is the world’s largest online investment gold service with over 75,000 customers and $2 billion of assets under control.

For any purchase of “digital gold” WorldMarkets will store the equivalent physical bars in BullionVaults located in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore or New York. The good thing is that your purchase comes with insurance to protect your investments.

Crypto Exchange In Partnership with BitMex

This is one of the most exciting parts, especially for the millennial-generation investors. WorldMarkets provides exciting opportunities to its users of trading digital currencies or cryptocurrencies.

WorldMarkets offers this feature in partnership with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges – BitMex. The platform allows users to trade some of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Cardano, Tron, Ethereum Classic, and more.

The BitMex crypto exchange offers a range of trading options like perpetual contracts, traditional futures, margin trading, upside and downside profit contracts, etc. Additionally, BitMex also takes enough care on security aspects offering cold storage facilities like cold storage multi-signature wallets, and two-factor authentication.

Another good thing is that WorldMarkets also facilitate investment in Security Tokens in partnership with DX.Exchange.

Educational Platform and Affiliate Program

Are you new to the world of investing or just started your career as a trader? WorldMarkets has its own educational platform that gives users knowledge about Forex trades and teaches them other technical trading indicators like Fibonacci extensions, Candlesticks, Doji Patterns, etc.

There are also beginner and advanced level lessons on understanding cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology. Besides, there are also lessons on the secure storage of digital assets, mobile wallets, etc. Upon opening a trading account with WorldMarkets, users can get their free hardware wallets with all the built-in encryption facility.

The WorldMarkets platform also has its affiliate program wherein one can earn directly for every referral they bring to the platform. To know more about the compensation structure, visit them here.


All in all, we can say that the platform has pretty interesting investing offerings for both – retail and institutional investors. Furthermore, its partnerships with many of the already established players in the market bring trust factor among the users.