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Bitcoins Lacks Enough Functionality to Replace Gold, says Morningstar analyst

There has been an influx of hypes hammering on the fact that bitcoin would be replacing gold in terms of investment and popularity, in the past. A Morningstar analyst, Kristoffer Inton has however refuted these hypes vehemently. Morningstar Analyst Says no to Bitcoin Taking Over From Gold The Morningstar analyst thinks bitcoin lacks the functionality…
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The 2020 Olympic Might Use a Crypto Coin as its Official Currency

Sport is known to bring people together. Combining this spirit of togetherness with a technology that exemplifies trust and transparency such as cryptocurrency, takes sporting to another level. In light of this, the 2020 Olympic is on its way to having a cryptocurrency as its official currency. Takahashi Proposed the use of XRP to the…
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Bitcoin exchange

Oldest Bitcoin Exchange in the United Kingdom, to Layoff Staff

The oldest bitcoin exchange in the United Kingdom, Coinfloor has announced that it will be laying off a major portion of its workforce. The exchange led by Obi Iwosu has greatly suffered from the rough year bitcoin price had. Coinfloor is Prepared to Layoff Coinfloor has made it known that it is all set to…
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Malta Blockchain Summit

5000 Cryptocurrency Innovators and Investor to Meetup in Malta

Malta has established itself as a trailblazer when it comes to cryptocurrency. The country will be playing host to the inaugural edition of “The Malta Blockchain Summit”. The event will see ICOs investors and innovators coming face to face. During the event, one will also see pre-ICO blockchain projects competing for a grand prize of $100,000.…
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Binance charity

Binance to Donate 100% of Listing Fees to Charity

One company which has grown really popular in the Crypto scene for its sizeable donations to several projects around the world is Binance. The Crypto exchange has made an announcement that it will be donating 100% of its listing fees to charity. All processes involved will be a transparent one. High Cost of Listing on…
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CryptoKittes Reign as Number One DApp is Over

CryptoKittes games reign as the number one dApp game is now over. According to a report, the dApp game in the number one spot is HyperDragons. With Cryptocurrency Nothing is Permanent When it comes to the Cryptocurrency market, nothing is ever certain. This means a current high or low price is never a determinant of…
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crypto market

Centralized Market Leaders are Joining the Crypto bandwagon

With so many coins in the red zone, the predominant trend in the crypto market right now is downwards. This has led to some people labeling this as the end of the crypto market. On the other hand, some prominent market leaders and influencers are quite confident with their firmly positive outlook of the market,…
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future blockchain technology

Bank of America Analysts Predicts $7billion valuation for Blockchain

Some research analysts from the Bank of America have made recent predictions on what the future holds for the blockchain technology and industry. They were of the notion that the industry will hit the $7billion valuation mark in a few years to come. The Prediction is Not Time Sensitive No timeframe was placed on this…
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Indian Government Websites Hacked For Unauthorized Crypto Mining

With India increasing its restriction in relation to anything that has to do with blockchain and cryptocurrency, it is quite ironic that more than 100 websites belonging to the Indian government are being exploited for unauthorized crypto mining purposes (crypto jacking). 119 Indian Government Websites Hacked Based on a recent report, India is fast becoming…
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BLOCKCHAIN savior of brexit

UK Finance Minister Believes Blockchain Could Solve Brexit Border Issues

With so much uncertainty and speculation associated with “Brexit”, the UK finance minister, Phillip Hammond has made it known in a statement that: blockchain technology could help smooth trade across the Irish border after the U.K. leaves the European Union. How this will be done is still yet unclear to many including Phillip himself. Blockchain…
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