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Apis Capital Management hedge fund

Get Tokens To Receive Revenues From Hedge Fund

Sponsored   The world of finance has a complicated structure and many investment opportunities, ranging from funds, trades, keeping money in the bank with a stable but low-interest rate, online crowdfunding platforms for properties and loans are some of the choices.   Hedge fund as an investment option One of the investment possibilities would be…
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Xchange project

Understanding Real Escrow

These days everyone, even those who don’t understand the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain, has heard something about crypto. Especially about buying and selling of cryptocurrency. Why? Firstly because of the Bitcoin boom and then plenty of scammers have been around making a lot of negative publicity for those who are interested to invest in…
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Masternode, Investments and ICO

Sponsored   Cryptocurrency and blockchain topic is hot right now. But let me ask – how much we really know about all this? Mostly we are caught with hype coins and ICO offers. I am sure that many of us don’t even read the Whitepaper properly (if there is one) or don’t make deeper research…
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Moving To A Decentralized Future

Sponsored   Traditional financial institutions are having a hard time these days as blockchain projects are introducing new platforms that promise to deliver your money without any bureaucracy and with much lower expense. It is good but also tricky and as usual the negative aspect of this is highlighted much more than the positive. Although…
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Cryptocurrency Day in a One Sentence: August 13, 2018

A Singapore based firm Golden Gates Ventures establishing $10 million foundation called LuneX Ventures for investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. *** Facebook continues to raise rumors when David Marcus, head of a fresh department within Facebook, with a view of seeing how blockchain could be implemented at the company, steps down from the Coinbase…
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What Is A Masternode and Why Should I Have One?

Blockchain transaction principles In the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, one important component that is irreplaceable is the network blockchain protocol. This is because it is the record ledger for all the transactions. Transaction procedures are not considered complete if there is no proof that it happened. The blockchain transaction information is stored…
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Is This A Bypass to The Promised Crypto Land?

Sponsored   There are several large potential cryptocurrency exchange markets that have been shielded from investing in cryptocurrencies, trading, and exchange. India is one of these markets. Difficult to say the primary reason why some economies prefer to take a step back and not ahead in these revolutionary changing times. Maybe this is a classic…
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What is Bitcoin

U.S. Wants to Ban Cryptocurrencies?

Traditionally money has been in the hands of government, at least the last few centuries. But now there are strong signs that show, even subjects like “money” can change. And that is something what scares many governments, including U.S. On July 18th, 2018, U.S. Congress held hearings, to decide whether cryptocurrencies should receive the status…
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What Is Impleum?

Sponsored   What Is Impleum Project? Creators of the project describes it as following. “Project is open ecosystem of apps based on the Impleum blockchain platform. Impleum is a powerful and scalable path to develop decentralized applications. By leveraging Impleum’s masternodes, developers can easily create DApps that are not only highly secure, but also highly…
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Blockchain Tatatu

HOT deals: TaTaTu Platform Announces Large Giveaway

Blockchain company TaTaTu that is found by Italian film producer Andrea Iervolino has opened their token giveaway in order to attract public awareness. This is a new blockchain platform that combines social networking and entertainment in one – company will supply premium video content as well as users will be awarded for watching it by…
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