MARTKIST: Towards a Community-driven Crypto-economy

MARTKIST: Towards a Community-driven Crypto-economy

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Digitization has led to an unprecedented rise in the interconnectedness of our societies and economies by heavily reducing transaction costs. This connectivity has enabled large corporations to slowly develop into networks with global reach – internally, with transnational subsidiaries, and externally, with supply chains spanning across the world. However, one phenomenon to have largely eluded the reach of the economic evolution of the 21st Century is the centralization of the world’s economic system governance and it is worth noting that for the eco-system to be truly egalitarian, its administration must be decentralized.

Now, decentralization can simply be defined as the process through which the activities of an organization, particularly as regards planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authority or group.

To address this, Martkist, a no ICO, no presales, no premine, long term mining pow cryptocurrency, offers a new decentralized blockchain solution that aims to bypass third-party intermediaries and through its enduring and ever-increasing community offers its users a truly democratic marketplace. Martkist seeks to eliminate notable problems such as the inaccessibility of global trade, staggering transaction costs, unequal access to opportunities including job offers, and poor security of transactions.

As a decentralized marketplace, the Martkist platform allows for the creation of auctions, digital assets & sales, unrestrictedly payment option, instant notification system, whitelist reselling, to mention but a few.

As you might have rightly observed, a system as decentralized as the one proposed necessitates a governance-based on direct democratic and participatory principles such as community decision-making, majority rule, voting, etc. Martkist embodies all of this being a platform that exults in being a community that generates and maintains its own economy.

A self-governed economic community

The strength and size of the community determines how much value a cryptocurrency captures and there are no known formulas guaranteeing success in a cryptocurrency community but transparency, inclusion, distributed ownership and alignment of incentives. Understanding this, Martkist seeks to employ its masternode system for the creation of an organic community of all users relevant to its economic system across the globe.

Martkist as an economic community opines that issues be tackled at the most immediate level. Being an opt-in system, it doesn’t disburse unfair advantage to those who join first.

Moreover, since control at local levels affects people greatly in their daily lives, Martkist prevents single actors or operators from dominating the entire system. In other words, the system ensures a balanced legitimation from the grass-root.

In addition, the economy is not run by centralized fiscal policies but by the community itself through the interaction of the joint forces of demand and supply and hence, handing over control of the economy to the community participants

Also, Martkist extends the democratic control paradigm to the technical realm, guaranteeing that all processes are transparent and subject to general oversight.

A board of member operators

As a measure of promoting sustenance and growth of the project, masternode operators will be in charge of Martkist governance. Member crypto-zealots are chanced to occupy paid major positions in the community board in the Martkist economic system. Some of the community board positions include:

  • Community promoters: Simply with a social media account, users can get paid to post daily to engender public awareness on Martkist, while encouraging people to join the growing community.
  • Community Scouts: They are responsible for organizing partnership listings for Martkist, as well as help find free and paid partnerships.
  • Community moderators: The Martkist platform places persons who will enforce respect and community values in administrative roles on interactive group chats.
  • Community content team: Having an intermix of creativity and dexterity, users are employed to generate contents for the economic community such as articles, web posts, graphics etc.

Also, by paying daily bounties based on user activity, Martkist augments its worth as a community that gives and receives value to the platform’s ecosystem.

Budget voting system

Martkist, through this system, allows users in the community to introduce new projects through the marketplace budget voting portal, from which it undergoes the vetting process where each participant is to campaign and convince the community that their product is marketable and worthy of funding support. When a project goes beyond the vetting and appraisal stage, it is added to the total budget where funds will be paid directly to the person completing its development. Payment is as well decentralized through a superblock that earns a reward of 10% of the total allocation for budget proposals in a month.


Given past centralized economic systems, Martkist comes right in handy as a most needed user-centric platform which enables its operators to actively participate in the governing and decision-making process required in expanding their own economy.

Possessing insight into the social dimensions of the trading process, the Martkist self-governed economic community seeks to reciprocate the trust of its operators by confiding in its users to be actively involved in positively impacting the community socially and economically as well as ensuring that it remains a truly participatory crypto-economy.

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