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Dune Network

Dune Network: Creating A Secure and Innovative Ecosystem for Developing Decentralized Applications for Businesses

As more and businesses are looking at looking to adopt a blockchain-based solution, the demand for decentralized applications is also rising considerably. Sadly, there are a few blockchain platforms available that can cater to the needs of enterprise-grade decentralized applications while simultaneously focusing on security and accessibility. Independent blockchain platform Dune provides an entire ecosystem…
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LOKI governance

Types of Governance of Blockchain, Funding of Blockchain Projects

Blockchains are evolving networks that requires flexibility to satisfy the demands of their users. A blockchain can’t survive if it isn’t valuable and relevant. It therefore should develop and adjust as per the needs of its users. For it to grow, the Blockchain must have a strategy to make ultimate conclusions about the changes it…
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Jarvis Network

A Review of the Jarvis Network for Decentralized Finance

The Jarvis Network is a set of protocols that together with the Jarvis market and Jarvis wallet dApps make up the Jarvis ecosystem. The Jarvis ecosystem aims to “uberize” and “universalize” the finance and investment sector. Laying Down the Groundwork for Decentralized Finance Pascal Tallarida, the CEO and founder of Jarvis is a firm believer…
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Olymp Trade

How to Make Money in Crypto When It Falls

For anyone who finds themselves frustrated with the lack of growth in Bitcoin and other coins over the last year, here is a solution for generating income in the crypto market no matter which direction it is going and even if the market is flat or declining. One of the most disappointing elements of trading…
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Martkist Mobile Wallet

Martkist Mobile Wallet: An Overview

What is the Martkist Mobile Wallet? Martkist Mobile Wallet is an app that keeps your currencies and transactions protected online. It allows for safer transactions and easy monitoring, which are supported with equal opportunity systems and strict monitoring against unethical practices. The brand and the wallet itself are both geared towards recognizing and responding to…
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KOINON: Enabling Cross-Border Crypto-based Stable Payments for Unbanked, Enterprise, and Merchants

While the traditional banking systems have made tall claims about expanding its business and services across the globe, the reality is that many of the developing nations still remain underbanked and far from getting access to banking services. KOINON is one such ambitious project that aims to break these barriers and establishing a frictionless crypto-based…
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LOKI private network

Privacy and Blockchain

You have probably heard people claim that blockchain is transforming businesses in today’s digital world. Many believe that blockchain technology is the future of private, secure, and safe transactions plus data storage. However, blockchain is yet to find a way to satisfy the privacy demands of many industries. Many cryptocurrencies have made lofty privacy claims,…
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News24Coin sp

An In-depth Review of the News24coin Project

News24Coin will be a platform for the crypto community, which provides news updates on existing and upcoming digital coins. The team behind News24Coin will allow crypto enthusiasts, developers, and investors to have a single source for all their coin listing news. News24Coin is a platform built with freedom of speech in mind. The freedom of…
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How to Earn 15% Yearly with PointPay during COVID-19 Crisis?

World Bank predicts poverty for 60 million people due to pandemic. Because of the coronavirus outbreak shutting down economic activity, more than 60 million people could be forced to live on less than $2 a day. This will inevitably make people look for additional sources of income enabling everyone to make money remotely, far from…
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LOKI Network

Intro of LOKI Project Services and Their Cryptoeconomics Fundamental Ideas

Imagine a website that provides all the essential tools of cryptoeconomics. LOKI is a guaranteed gateway towards an exclusively managed network. As cryptoeconomics gains popularity, it is becoming an irresistible option in the current economy. For newbies looking for more information on LOKI, be sure to check out the article below for details on this…
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