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Project Coreto | One Platform For Everyone and Everything About Cryptocurrency Projects

Day by day, the blockchain projects are getting more sophisticated and targeting the major pain points faced by people. This makes everything a bit competitive, which ultimately benefits the user. This also exposes users to lack of information, uninformed decision making, lack of trust, and potential losses. Coreto aims to fill these gaps and deliver authentic…
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YRise Finance

YRise Finance | Enhancing the Power of DeFi-helmed Staking, Farming, Fixed-Rate Savings and Gaming

Taking one step further, yRISE Finance brings the next level of Decentralized Finance abilities to the community, as it enables users to stake, yield farm, and leverage the DeFi system to invest in fixed-rate savings and other portfolios of DeFi assets and use cases such as gaming. Its platform is one of the most user-friendly…
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CorionX | Grooming and Nurturing Upcoming Stablecoin Organizations to Grow, Develop, and Scale

CorionX aims at enhancing the operational capacity and strengthening the work abilities of stable coins and central bank digital currencies. The first step of CorionX was taken in the year 2016 with an aim to help and develop stablecoins making them a reliable source of value and medium of exchange. Because the stable coins are…
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Degen.VC | Helping New Projects Launch and Grow with the Community

The concept of Degen.VC is bustling with ingenuity and utility. In a normal world, the venture capitalists fund and help a startup grow, but they also eat up most of the profits, if not in terms of equity, it can be in terms of providing marketing power or anything else. The result leaves the founder(s)…
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SYBC tokens

SYBC Tokens: Offering Millenials The Right Opportunity To Invest In Luxurious Real Estate Without Financial Burdens

The traditional real estate market has exploded over the last decade with property costs surging magnificently higher. The major barrier to entry in owning a home, or any other real estate for that sake, has been the massive down-payment costs. This has crushed the aspirations and dreams of millennials to buy homes early in their…
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Empower Community, Changing The World – Meet Chasyr

The community as we know it What is a community? According to the Oxford dictionary, it is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Communities have always allowed people from across different areas to develop a sense of unity, making them feel as though…
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TPWR project

A Coin Ready to Change the Future of e-mobility | The Power Solution Project

There are two aspects of a project that every user needs to understand before testing the waters. These pertain to the solution provided by the platform and the accessibility supplied to the users with the help of coin. This entire project’s core idea is helping users realize that they can become an energy supplier and…
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Dollar Protocol

Dollar Protocol | A Two-Token Rebasing Cryptocurrency Decentralized Ecosystem

The Dollar Protocol capitalizes on the Rebasing concept (first initiated by Ampleforth) by developing an ecosystem. It works for reducing the price volatility that is native to every other crypto coin that runs on the principles of standard market forces. Dollar Protocol boasts an improved structure of an elastic money supply. This money supply runs…
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COIL – A Decentralized Crypto Token With Elastic Liquidity Supply Aimed At Solving Market Manipulation

As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature, crypto projects also continue to evolve further catering to the needs of the market. So far, we have seen cryptocurrency projects with a fixed supply for the native tokens. The ultimate aim here has been to create scarcity and drive crypto prices higher. Interestingly, we have new crypto…
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Spartan$ X4

Spartan$ X4: Community-Based Decentralized Platform With 4X Growth on Investments

Spartan$ X4 brings forth a high-yield investment opportunity for the community. This cryptocurrency network works on the premise of increasing the market share and helping each other get higher returns. Even though the idea is still at its nascent stage, Spartan’s entire operational framework is incredibly smart, intelligent, and lucrative. Furthermore, the whole network of…
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