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DecentraHub – A Blockchain-based Platform for Online Gaming and Sports Betting

The global online gaming and sports betting industry is set for a transformational change over the next decade. With BigTech companies investing millions of dollars to improve the online gaming experience, it is hardly surprising that by 2021, over 2.5 billion people are expected to play some sort of online games. That’s almost one-third of…
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Fireball – A Smart Contract-based Decentralized Rewards Platform for Stakers

A majority of the blockchain projects today are moving to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus model due to its ability of higher performance efficiency and scalability. The PoS platforms allow users to stake their digital currencies and run validator nodes on the platform thereby ensuring the platform security and smooth working. However, there are not many…
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Game Credits

Crypto Online Games: Game Credits And Splinterlands Partnership

Blockchain-based gaming has been growing steadily in the past few years. Various projects and partnerships have been formed within this space. One of the latest to be formed is the partnership between Splinterlands and Game Credits. About Splinterlands Splinterlands is a collectible card game powered by the HIVE blockchain. The game is designed to allow…
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AceDcoin Will Be Switching to Ethereum Network With AceD Swapping to AceD Tokens

Blockchain-based online gaming and gambling platform AceDBets has made good progress ever since going live earlier this year in March 2020. Since then, the developers of AceDCoin have been working to add many sporting events, as the platform hosts over 15 different online gambling facilities. The platform offers support for Bitcoin but also has its…
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Primecoin blockchain

Primecoin Releases A Flappy Bird Competitor

With gaming taking spotlight in the Blockchain industry, companies are finding ways to integrate with the huge gaming industry which in 2020 will generate revenue of more than $160 billion, increasing +7.3% year on year. Now it is crucial to look at companies such as Enjin, Tron, and Primecoin who are paving a way into…
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Vice Network

Vice Network: Providing Decentralized Solutions for Safe and Secure Casino and Sport Betting

Decentralized blockchain solutions have truly democratized the ways in which the online industry operates. With its key features of offering robust security and transparency, blockchain has significantly enhanced the trust factor associated with online transactions. The Vice Network aims to leverage this power of blockchain and provide efficient payment solutions for the adult entertainment, casino,…
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iBitHub (IBH): A Scalable Blockchain solution in the US

Technology is all about passion. The passion for research and to find solutions that are different, yet efficient, simple to use, and cheap. Cost and necessities can be one of the main drives for innovation. This is when existing solutions are improved to slash costs or make the user experience better. When Satoshi Nakamoto was…
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IONOMY: A Crypto Gaming Ecosystem, Marketplace, Wallet & More

Ionomy is one of the blockchain projects that aims to revolutionize the gaming economy. They are a community of developers and gamers that deal with ION cryptocurrency as a trading medium on their website. Ionomy has no eligibility restrictions and is pretty easy to use. The project allows users to develop games, play, trade tokens,…
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