Altcoins: Martkist Proposal Hub Comparison

Altcoins: Martkist Proposal Hub Comparison


Cryptocurrencies are changing the very fabric of doing business. From introducing smart contracts to providing us with easy direct transfer platforms, they are streamlining the business proceedings. On top of it, the marketplaces run by the operators of different cryptocurrencies via systems like masternode governance allow business houses to allocate resources optimally.

In this article, we are going to explore different altcoins and how they have changed the face of businesses. Further, we will talk about their benefits and potential growth. We will take 3 different altcoins into the comparison, namely Dash, Syscoin, and Martkist. Let’s begin.


Martkist is an entirely community-driven project, and through the budget proposals and voting hub, they decide on the development and course of their projects. Martkist believes in building a community and the power that comes from within the community. One aspect of this belief in the community is cemented by its live testing platform. The end-user can live test the platform and highlight any kind of issues, errors, or bugs with it. The motive is to create a close emulation of the platform’s operational capacity and get constructive feedback from the community.

Benefits: One of the best parts about Martkist is it’s easy to use and seamless interface. Features like the certification systems (creation and management of certificates), and sharing digital assets securely is welcomed by the business community with an open heart. Regarding the proposal hub, its convenient operation and flawless usage hold primary importance. It helps facilitate proposal creation and tracking. Lastly, the official cryptocurrency, MARTK, was never available for Pre-mining or ICO.

Potential Growth: Martkist’s tagline reads “Powered by the People.” This is something that majorly attracts end-users. And if they continue to keep developing as per the end-user feedback, Martkist can gain a lot of popularity.


Syscoin or SYS is yet another problem-solving blockchain technology that we have seen. Basically, Syscoin allows you to create applications for your business proceedings. More importantly, you can use the Proposal Hub, officially called the SysHub, to create and discuss proposals. Also, Syscoin has a completely decentralized governance system. It also brings you news updates about the platform.

Benefits: Syscoin 4.0 is complemented with a Syscoin Bridge that allows the parent system to connect with Ethereum and also create smart contracts. In addition to this, Z-DAG provides fast transaction speeds and ensures speedier scalability. Lastly, you can also use the Syscoin platform to conduct your eCommerce activities in a decentralized environment.

Potential Growth: Syscoin undergoes rapid and consistent advancements. One of the recent developments in the changing the Syscoin Platform Tokens or SPT to a better and more advanced UTXO-based consensus system. Further, seeing the wide applicability of the Syscoin platform in various dimensions, Syscoin can be a reliable platform for businesses.


Dash is an incredibly secure and fast digital currency platform. The transactions on Dash are powered by Chainlocks, which shields it from attacks with a 51% better chance as compared to other similar blockchain systems. Dash also provides a voting hub to the users, called Dash Governance. For that, you will have to be the owner of Dash coins. 1000 Dash means you get 1 vote. Dash has been particularly important as a medium of exchange in countries like Venezuela and Brazil.

Benefits: Users have also been able to send remittances across the borders with Dash at a lower fee. For the developers, Dash allows them to make applications for Dash that will also run and stay on the Dash Network. Also, Dash allows you to create usernames instead of being recognized as a long number on the platform. This is convenient in sending the coins to another user with just a username.

Potential Growth: Dash Electrum’s latest version has been released recently. Apart from improving the functionality of PrivateSend, the developers have also fixed a couple of bugs faced by the users. With this in mind, it can be said that the Dash is on a growth trajectory. They are responding to the community feedback and undergo advancements. Another important update that came recently was Dash’s partnership with Cgift to expand its operations in Asia.

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After discussing three major projects that have developed that personify the meaning of true decentralization. Decentralization does not mean that the operator will gain a monopoly over the proceedings. Instead, it aims to give the power back into the hands of the end-users. And Martkist’s compelling vision reflects in everything that they do with their platform, so does the functioning methods of other blockchains. With such decentralized systems taking the lead, we may be venturing into a new realm of online transactions that are secure, opaque, and fast.

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