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YELD Finance

YELD Finance – The Yield Farming DeFi Platform With Retirement Yield Facility

The Yield Farming protocol has taken the DeFi space by storm as a majority of the yield farming tokens have given massive returns over the last two months. Yield-farming or liquidity mining is the process that allows investors to lend their yield farming tokens and earn more cryptocurrency in the form of interest rewards. The…
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Dollar Protocol

Dollar Protocol | A Two-Token Rebasing Cryptocurrency Decentralized Ecosystem

The Dollar Protocol capitalizes on the Rebasing concept (first initiated by Ampleforth) by developing an ecosystem. It works for reducing the price volatility that is native to every other crypto coin that runs on the principles of standard market forces. Dollar Protocol boasts an improved structure of an elastic money supply. This money supply runs…
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DigiDinar Future-Ready Cryptocurrency Developed For the Kuwaiti and Arabian Gulf Natives

The development and establishment of DigiDinar ordain a sea of change in the national cryptocurrency ecosystem. DigiDinar will bring more awareness about technology in the Arab world. Also, the platform allows the users to conduct peer to peer transactions within the region or with any global user. The same platform will also allow users to…
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Popcorn: Fusing Fun Content with Rewarding Value Creation

The PopCorn token has taken an iconic item of almost every culture and molded it into a fun and value-driven project. Based on Ethereum and powered by the ERC20 Tokens, PopCorn is steering on a path to build a global exchange community-oriented platform. Moreover, it is a decentralized platform. The transactions are transparent; smart contracts…
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SYB Real Estate

SYB Real Estate Marketplace: Bringing the Efficiency of the Crypto World to the Property Market

SYB Real Estate is an adept fusion between the real estate market and cryptocurrency, making it easier for the users to buy properties via the blockchain. SYB Real Estate is a family run business whereby they buy land and downtrodden properties only to revamp them significantly before putting them up on the marketplace. The users…
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Soft Bitcoin (sBTC): A Sustainable and Long-term Cryptocurrency Pegged to Bitcoin

A majority of the projects in the cryptocurrency market have introduced their native crypto tokens whose price fluctuates with the forces of demand and supply. Often it is found that these crypto tokens are volatile in nature proving as a deterrent for retail investors. Soft Bitcoin (sBTC) is one such cryptocurrency project, where the value…
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Crowdsale Is Live Now: Tycoon Unveils Token Online Shop

The fruits of patient labor are always sweet. For Tycoon, today marks an exciting day as it is a result of months of perseverance and dedicated work. Tycoon is extremely thrilled to announce that their long-awaited Crowdsale is live now! Their next step will be to present an already working product, the Tycoon platform, which…
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ColossusXT Gears up to Bid for Federal Government Contracts

Press Release Wyoming, USA – 18th July 2020 – ColossusXT, the community-orientated energy-efficient cryptocurrency is pleased to announce that they are now ready for business with the Federal Government. The computing industry is expected to witness a major change in the coming five years and ColossusXT is taking necessary steps in the industry to provide…
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The 0xBitcoin Solution for the DeFi Industry

Within the crypto sector, DeFi is one of the fastest-growing sub-sectors. The idea of DeFi or decentralized finance is based on the concept that the financial system can be recreated, but this time in a decentralized fashion. Essentially, it would allow everyone to access all the financial instruments available in the financial world without the…
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KABBERRY Platform: Popularising Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies For Commercial and Private Use

With the rising popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the mainstream financial industry, businesses are largely focused on implementing blockchain-based solutions at their end. The KABBERRY Platform is working to bridge the gap between new-generation technologies and the real world. The project aims to develop blockchain-based innovative solutions, and thus popularise the use of…
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