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Crowdsale Is Live Now: Tycoon Unveils Token Online Shop

The fruits of patient labor are always sweet. For Tycoon, today marks an exciting day as it is a result of months of perseverance and dedicated work. Tycoon is extremely thrilled to announce that their long-awaited Crowdsale is live now! Their next step will be to present an already working product, the Tycoon platform, which…
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ColossusXT Gears up to Bid for Federal Government Contracts

Press Release Wyoming, USA – 18th July 2020 – ColossusXT, the community-orientated energy-efficient cryptocurrency is pleased to announce that they are now ready for business with the Federal Government. The computing industry is expected to witness a major change in the coming five years and ColossusXT is taking necessary steps in the industry to provide…
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The 0xBitcoin Solution for the DeFi Industry

Within the crypto sector, DeFi is one of the fastest-growing sub-sectors. The idea of DeFi or decentralized finance is based on the concept that the financial system can be recreated, but this time in a decentralized fashion. Essentially, it would allow everyone to access all the financial instruments available in the financial world without the…
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KABBERRY Platform: Popularising Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies For Commercial and Private Use

With the rising popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the mainstream financial industry, businesses are largely focused on implementing blockchain-based solutions at their end. The KABBERRY Platform is working to bridge the gap between new-generation technologies and the real world. The project aims to develop blockchain-based innovative solutions, and thus popularise the use of…
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Game Credits

eSports Platform Game Credits Envisions Blockchain Ownership for Every Gamer

eSports has already become a major industry worldwide with millions of users and a cult following. Games like League of Legends, Fortnite, DOTA 2, have a considerable following and multi-million dollar competitive tournaments are held all around the year. With the emergence of gaming as a seriously followed entertainment, companies are trying to woo their…
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Dune Network

Dune Network: Creating A Secure and Innovative Ecosystem for Developing Decentralized Applications for Businesses

As more and businesses are looking at looking to adopt a blockchain-based solution, the demand for decentralized applications is also rising considerably. Sadly, there are a few blockchain platforms available that can cater to the needs of enterprise-grade decentralized applications while simultaneously focusing on security and accessibility. Independent blockchain platform Dune provides an entire ecosystem…
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Traxalt: The Next Generation Global Payment Network Built on Blockchain

Traxalt®, a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based, Global Payment Network, is solving the problems faced by large business enterprises when performing international business transactions. Launched in June 2019, the Traxalt solution is gaining popularity among SMEs and MSMEs because it facilitates settlement and clearing of cross border transactions in a single network. Traxalt’s global payments network is based…
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Mochimo: A Decentralized Cryptocurrency For the Post-Quantum Era

One of the major reasons that the blockchain technology is popular among several industrial applications is that it is incorruptible, immutable, transparent, and works on the principle of the distributed ledger. While the blockchain technology finds its appeal among different businesses, it still remains under the considerable threat posed by the future-generation quantum computing. Many…
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BitGreen: Pushing Crypto to a Green Future

Since making its mark felt on the mainstage, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency specifically, elicited the interest of many who understood the potential it can hold rich for social and environmental good. And while the number of projects utilizing blockchain to tackle a range of issues, from deforestation and dirty supply chains to land-rights and universal…
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Exor Coin and the Crypto Asset Manager Application

Exor is an open-source, decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency using the PoS consensus mechanism. Earn, store, and transact digital currency virtually instantaneously with Exors’ simple to use the desktop wallet. With a low supply of 43M coins, community governance, an open identity team, and real-world use cases of the Crypto Asset Manager, Exor aims to increase global…
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