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NodeHub.io Will Take the Stress of Hosting a Masternode Off Your Back

Hosting a masternode is now considered the most effective, easiest and safest way to make money from the crypto market consistently. A solid masternode portfolio could easily hedge an investor against bad market conditions. Since more people are realizing this fact, the number of investors shifting their attention towards masternodes investment has increased significantly. Previously,…
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Bitcoin Rhodium

Bitcoin Rhodium: Everything You Need to Know

In the last decade, since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, a number of Bitcoin derivatives have hit the crypto markets. Several hard forks in the original Bitcoin blockchain has resulted in different crypto tokens like the Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, etc. One such cryptocurrency Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC) is gaining good popularity these days. Launched…
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SafeCapital: All in One Powerful Decentralized Investment Ecosystem

The blockchain space has recently witnessed an influx of conventional investors. This increase in the flow of capital has helped pumped the prices of some coins and increased their market cap. With more money flowing into the blockchain space, the need to have a well-structured means of investing this money has become paramount. The advancement…
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The 1X2 Coin Platform is the Most Transparent Online Casino And Sportsbook Right Now

Statistically, more than 50% of the world population has thought about making money from gambling. The introduction of online betting made it easy for a lot of people who are previously afraid of being tagged a ‘gambler” to partake in the industry. Unfortunately, this increase in users means bookies, especially those operating an online casino,…
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Midas.Investments project Fline

Midas.Investments is the Safest Way to Make Money Investing in the Crypto Market

A vast majority of those who are in the crypto space right now, are in for the money. As such any avenue to make money consistently and with the least risk possible is a welcomed development to this space. So far, the safest way, to make money dealing in the crypto market is through investment…
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crypto trading bots

Review of 5 Best Bots for Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency can make you money in two ways. The first is just like the conventional investment, where you buy a couple of coins, hold them over time and wait until the prices rise for you to sell. It is an effective strategy for increasing your investment, but one that requires a lot of patience because…
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ICO Initial Coin Offering

What is An ICO And How Does It Work?

ICO which is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering means of carrying out a crowdfund for blockchain projects. It can also be referred to as token sale. It is used by firms to raise money for their projects and it is done by offering the investors a token or a virtual currency in exchange for…
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Blockchain Summit

Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit Welcomes 5,500 Delegates

Press Release May 27, 2019 Attendance surpasses expectations, confirming event’s global status The second edition of the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit has solidified its position as a world leading event in the sectors of A.I., blockchain, crypto, and other emerging technologies. Welcoming a staggering 5,500 delegates, 150 exhibitors and 100 start-ups over the two-day…
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Coingapp mobil

Coingapp Enable Users To Take Advantage Of Market Opportunities Between Exchanges

Based on a recent report, the Coingapp mobile application now offers crypto traders the opportunity to take advantage of the several different prices being charged by various trading platforms. It does this by putting together market data from several crypto exchanges to give advice on where to make purchases at a low price and where…
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BCH blockchain

Blockchain.com Launches New Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Block Explorer

Based on a recent report, Blockchain.com now offers a new tool which allows users to browse for transaction hashes, blocks, and address on the BCH blockchain. With the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block explorer, people can now peer into the inner workings of their virtual currency. A New Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block explorer For the benefit…
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